Why do I need an area rug?

You’ve most likely heard that an area rug really ties a room together, but a tied-together room is not as straightforward as selecting the first rug you see and rolling it out on the floor. If you want to be pleased with your floor coverings for many years to come, Karpet King Design Center will be your one-stop resource center for your flooring decisions. Come in for a visit at our design center and gallery, and let our experts help you to enrich your home. We can even fabricate an area rug for you in any size and shape from a wide range of carpets and finish the edges with a variety of different options such as simple bindings to wide leather and tapestry. To purchase a perfect rug you need to get the right size. This often means you might have to go larger than you may have expected. Always measure the room before you come in to our Design Center, and with rugs, it’s a good idea to use painter’s tape on the floor to visualize what the size will look like. We will gladly assist you to choose your style based on the look of your room or the look you want the room to have, as the rug will either enhance or dictate the style of the room where you place it. Contemporary rugs showcase the latest trends, and casual rugs help a home feel cozy and unpretentious. Persian rugs look great with almost any kind of decor because they have a traditional look. Transitional rugs are somewhere in the middle, with a mix of contemporary and traditional elements, which works beautifully in many of today’s homes. Choose your material based on the amount of traffic the rug will see. A busy entryway or a kitchen needs a durable material that’s easy to clean. Your living room, on the other hand, is a place for a beautiful wool or silk blend rug. Pets, kids, and your own tendency toward spills should also influence your rug material choice. After you’ve made those decisions, you’re at the fun part, choosing color and pattern. Choose it like art, if it makes your eyes happy, then it’s a candidate. Let us help you in your process, Karpet King specializes in providing expert design assistance without the high pressure sales pitches. Our designers listen carefully to discover your style and understand your priorities, then use their extensive knowledge to assist you, or make recommendations.


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