Backsplash tiles

You may want to talk with your designer or contractor about selecting a style and color for the backsplash tiles. Choosing the right color scheme and design for your countertops and backsplash tiles is also crucial since both will be directly against one another.

Your backsplash tile is going to be up against your countertops all the time, so it is important that you make sure that both materials and colors look good together. If you would like to have a larger tile wall, you can often extend the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling in areas that do not have cabinets, like above your sink, or above the stove. You will have a lot more satisfaction doing your selections, as backsplash tiles typically take up a lot less room than your main walls or floor.

Do not forget that backsplash is just as important as the rest of your design scheme. The backsplash is the crowning jewel of the kitchen, and it is also the most creative piece in your decorating design. Kitchen backsplashes are design opportunities to play around with colors and patterns, experiment with materials, and inject some personality into most-used gathering space in your home.

Carpet Palace Kitchen and Bath can help you turning your kitchen into a work of contemporary art with the luxe effects of glass backsplash tiles or to a classic feel with a white subway backsplash tile. Choose a simple and elegant marble backsplash tile in beveled shape for a kitchen that compliments any color cabinetry or style of appliances.

Our unique design backsplash tiles are beautiful and modern and in combination with natural stone will provide a visual statement to your kitchen. Fortunately, most of our backsplash tiles are easy to clean and maintain, offering plenty of options to choose from to achieve an eye-catching design that fits with your kitchen style and home decor.

Whether it is your kitchen backsplash or bathroom backsplash, increase your satisfaction in the flow and design of your home by shopping comfortably for cohesive, creative options for backsplash tiles. Whether you are looking for a simple, refined style in the form of clean, white ceramic kitchen tiles, or a more decorative, patterned backsplash for bathroom or kitchen, you will find a barebones option at our store.

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