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Sand and finishing hardwood flooring

Does your hardwood floor look uncleared and dirty or have scratches that need to be fixed to look like a new hardwood floor again? Then you may need to do sand and refinishing your wood floors without going a replacement process. Our professional and experienced staff at Karpet King can help you to refinish your wood floor to their original views. Depending on condition and type of existing hardwood floor, your wood floors may need sand and finishing. Drum sander is used if your wood floor has been badly worn out or damaged. Vibrant sander is used if your floor only needs a mild sanding and finish which is also referred as “screen and recoat” or “buff and coat”. Screen and recoat or “buff and coat” is a process of sprucing up of an existing polyurethane coat and top it with new polyurethane coats. Once the hardwood floor is sanded and buffed, we then use an interior wood stain based on your desire color and the type of hardwood floor if applicable. Staining or coloring your wood floor will create a deep and rich color that highlights the grain of the wood. Finally, we apply polyurethane as finishing Process or finishing coat after stain is dried for protection purposes against scratches, stains and helping wood-floor to resist water damage.

There are two types of polyurethane:

  1. Water-based Polyurethane which is clear and low-odor with a fast drying time.
  2. Oil-based Polyurethane which is stronger and more durable than water-based. Oil-based Polyurethane gradually develops amber tint over time, and it has an aroma with slower drying time.



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Sand and finishing in Rockville, MD from Karpet King

Sand and finishing in Potomac, MD from Karpet King

Sand and finishing in Bethesda, MD from Karpet King